Charleston Gingerbread House

It’s time for another Charleston-themed gingerbread house!

While the Rainbow Row gingerbread house from a couple years ago would be impossible to beat, I wanted to go with something that was also a very iconic image. Which leads me to… a pink door Charleston gingerbread house!


First thing’s first—yes, this is based on an actual house in Charleston. In fact, if you Google “pink door house in Charleston” there will be about a million photos of it that pop up, as it’s one of the most photographed houses in Charleston. And while this gingerbread house is based on the pink door house, it’s technically a little different (the real house is quite a bit larger!), mainly because I ran out of molasses (whoops) and this size was all I had the capacity to bake.


I’ll start by saying that there were SO MANY more details I wanted to add to this gingerbread house, but unfortunately I just didn’t have enough time (I always forget how long these actually take!). To create the actual sides of the house, I drew up some templates that I could use to help me hand cut out the gingerbread pieces (shoutout to all the architects out there because that job is HARD). Then had to make about a million batches of gingerbread dough to make enough for the four walls, roof, patios and brick wall.

Piping all the “siding” on the house was so fun. Piping those brick lines was a different story. I love how the brick pattern turned out, but I definitely had a claw hand for a couple of days afterward from holding the piping bag for so long! Then the final detail—I added was some greenery to all the windows and around the pink door.

Below are more photos and a few closeups of the gingerbread house. I hope you love it as much as I do!

–xo, Julie