Introducing Julie McAllister Cakes

New look. New name. Welcome to Julie McAllister Cakes.

I’m so excited to announce to you that I’ve rebranded, and today marks the launch of Julie McAllister Cakes. I started my original cake business—For Heaven Bakes—back in 2016, about a year and a half after I moved to Charleston. When I began, I was more of a traditional cake decorator, making everyday cakes. But as my cake style has evolved over the past several years into luxury cake art, I realized my branding wasn’t representative of who I am as an artist today. I would describe my cake style as romanticized artistic creations, with a feminine and southern touch, so it was important to me that my website was reflective of that work. And because I am a sole proprietor and not a traditional bakery, I wanted the brand name to represent that. My new logo also includes a special nod to one of my favorite types of cakes I’ve been making in recent years—citrus!

I love looking back and seeing how my skillset has progressed since those early days. After having worked for a traditional bakery in DC, I knew I wanted to focus primarily on sculpted cakes with my own business. Like most things, my cake decorating style had gone through an evolution over time and had become more refined, with me loving the focus of realistic artistic creations. My style has grown up, and it was time for the brand to as well. Above all else, I want the brand to reflect me as an artist, with my preferred medium being cake.

Julie McAllister Cakes Charleston Custom Cakes

The site was designed to be very simple, and act primarily as a portfolio for some of my favorite cakes, while also providing a clearer picture into the types of clients I work with. The Custom Cakes section is broken out into three sub areas—Brand Cakes, Grooms Cakes and Celebration Cakes.

I have been so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some amazing and prestigious southern brands, so I wanted to make this one of the focal points on the new site.

Grooms cakes are always so much fun to make. They are steeped in southern tradition, and are commonplace in Charleston area weddings.

Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries—I love any reason to make a celebration cake.

Julie McAllister Cakes Charleston Custom Cakes

And finally, if you’ve made it here, then you’ve made it to my Cake Journal—a place that houses news, the inspiration behind some of my cakes, and the occasional recipe.

Take a look around and let me know what you think!