Lowcountry Boil Cake

Hello, Summer!

I’m gearing up for the 4th of July of here, and thought what better way to prep for a lowcountry boil than by making a lowcountry boil cake!


Like a few others I’ve made recently, I had the idea for this cake in my head for awhile, but I just never seemed to have enough free time to make it. When I was tasked with bringing a cake to a lowcountry boil with friends, the opportunity could not have been more perfect!

Lowcountry Boil Cake Julie For Heaven Bakes

The Cake

When I was planning out the design, I wanted to have one main cake to cut slices from, and then have fun toppers that could be served with each piece. So I ended up making the wooden barrel out of four really tall vanilla cake layers, then covered with chocolate buttercream, and finally topped fondant designed to look like a wood grain pattern.

3D Lowcountry Boil Cake

The Details

As always, the details were my favorite part! I made all the shrimp, corn and sausages out of modeling chocolate, then hand-painted additional details on each piece with food coloring. How cool does the corn look?! I freaking loved how the “charred” coloring ended up. If I were to make this again, I think I would add double the amount of toppers because they were just that much fun to make. I hope you enjoy this cake as much as I do!

Making a lowcountry boil cake
3D Lowcountry Boil Cake Closeup
Lowcountry Boil Cake Julie For Heaven Bakes

Photos by: Abby Murphy Photo