Meet Julie

For as long as I can remember, I have loved baking. I love baking treats and eating dessert. Every holiday memory is laced with family baking memories, and some of my favorite family heirlooms are passed down hand-written recipe cards.

So I’ve always been a baker, but it wasn’t until I was in grad school and looking for a way to procrastinate rather than work on my thesis (guilty!), that I decided to dabble in cake decorating. I can vividly remember seeing the photo of a Christmas cake in a magazine and thinking “oh that looks super easy, I can definitely do that”.

Guys, it was bad. I mean BAD.

My (terrible) first ever cake decorating attempt—circa 2007.

To this day, when I look at the photo it still makes me bust out laughing. It’s basically the epitome of the ever-popular cake fail photos.

Multiple friends have asked me why I didn’t stop halfway through—because it was very clear from the beginning that it wasn’t going to turn out like the photo—but the truth is, I loved it! I knew it was a disaster but it was one of the most fun things I had ever done, so I finished it. And then my love for baking slowly started growing into a love for cake decorating.

For the next several years, I was just a hobby baker and cake decorator—baking for friends, family, co-workers. But I continued to teach myself as much as I could, took classes whenever I had time, and it slowly evolved to part-time dessert catering gigs and working part-time at a bakery in DC. Then when I moved to Charleston several years ago, I decided it was finally time to make it a profession, and my cake business was officially created.

I can’t wait to share my cakes with you! 🙂