Mint Julep Cake


Ah, Kentucky Derby week. By all accounts one of my favorite southern springtime celebrations, and this year it’s even more-so because last year we just kind of skipped over all major events. But finally things are getting back into the celebration-swing-of-things and what could be more fitting for a Derby celebration than a mint julep cake!

The Cake

I actually made this cake back in 2019, but when I was trying to find photos of it to share with a friend recently I realized I never finished the blog post draft I had originally started for it a couple of years ago. So here we are, but we’ll all just pretend we’re seeing it for the first time, sound good? Great!

Now the original cake flavor was actually a chocolate bourbon cake with mint chocolate buttercream, but if I were remaking this cake today, I would 100% use my bourbon ball cake recipe that was inspired by my friend MK’s incredibly addictive bourbon balls (you can buy them here!). The outside of the cake was covered in fondant, which I then painted with edible silver food coloring. And to top it off, the crushed ice on the top is actually sugar.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your Derby celebrations! 🙂

Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Cake

Photos by Abby Murphy Photo.