An Ode to the Groom’s Cake


With the slew of engagements that happened over the holidays, I’m currently in prime wedding booking season right now. And while I don’t make traditional tiered wedding cakes, a good portion of my clients throughout the year are groom’s cakes for weddings.

History of the Groom’s Cake

So where the heck did the groom’s cake even come from? According to Southern Living, “Groom’s cakes can be traced back to England’s Victorian era, when there were three cakes at a wedding—the wedding cake, which was served to the guests; the groom’s cake, which was served to the groomsmen; and the bride’s cake, which was served to the bridesmaids.” And even more amazing—the groom’s cake was originally prepared by the groomsmen themselves in the early hours of the wedding day (can you imagine!).

Today, the groom’s cake is commonplace in southern weddings, but the serving time varies from wedding to wedding. Some couples prefer to serve it at the rehearsal dinner, some alongside the main cake at the wedding, and others send slices with guests as a party gift at the end of the wedding reception. That’s the great thing about cake—there’s never a bad time to have it!

Groom’s Cake Examples

Basically nowadays, anything is fair game for a groom’s cake design. In my experience they most often fall into one of three categories—sports, food or animals—but anything pertaining to the groom is on the table. After all, they’re meant to be fun!

Here’s a look at some of my all-time favorite groom’s cakes from the past few years:

Photo by: Abby Murphy Photo

3D Lowcountry Boil Cake

Photo by: Abby Murphy Photo

Burgers & Wings
Football Cake

Photo by: Abby Murphy Photo