That Which We Call A (Sugar) Rose

Roses were the first sugar flower I ever learned to make, so they will always have a special place in my heart. It’s no wonder that they are the flower I choose to make over and over again the most.

I love the complexity of a detailed sugar rose, which I think is what gives it its beauty. On average, each rose has around 30 petals of different size, each cut and molded individually. Whenever I begin a sugar rose, I always think of that saying “the beauty lies in the center of the rose”, and I try to spend the most time on the center of the flower (which in my case, is the first 12 petals).

Like most of my cake projects, my favorite part of making a sugar rose is the details—I could spend hours adding layers of dusting to add shading, variations of color to make the flowers more alive, and adding movement to the petals. That which we call a (sugar) rose, is sheer beauty to me.

red sugar roses