Traditional Irish Breakfast Cake

We just returned from the most life-changing trip to Ireland, and while I’ve heard many utter the phrase “I left my heart in Ireland”, I truly didn’t understand the truth behind that until I was able to experience its magical sense firsthand. Inspiration was absolutely everywhere and I found myself consumed every aspect the experience had to offer.

The trip was essentially my dream scenario—a retreat with fellow bakers where we travelled to several different cities and countryside towns, baking and eating our way across the country. While each region’s cuisine varied and were known for different specialties, one item that remained constant throughout was the traditional Irish breakfast. The iconic dish almost always consisted of the same items—eggs, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, sausage, black pudding, white pudding, soda bread and coffee or tea.

As soon as we arrived back home, I was quick to start recreating each of these foods out of cake, modeling chocolate and fondant to create the ultimate traditional Irish breakfast cake. You can see some photos of the finished cake below, and be sure not to miss the cake cutting video here.